Rediscovering Bing Loyzaga: On Weight-Loss and Self-Love

Bing Loyzaga Weight-Loss Marie France

We all know Bing Loyzaga best for her kontrabida roles, but this time she’s the lead role in her own success story after losing over 30lbs. with her new slimming partner Marie France!

In Bing’s Before and After Marie France billboard, we saw her 30 lbs. lighter. But since then, she has lost 7 lbs. more—or a total of 37 lbs. so far! Bing is back, now slimmer and sexier! Her secret? Marie France’s latest offering — Thermo Magnetic Pulse (TMP) treatment!

I feel new. I’ve found a new sense of confidence. At the age of 45, I’m not a spring chicken anymore! But I’ve lost so much weight without going under the knife, without starving myself, and without exercising like crazy, so I know I’m really doing myself a favor by going to Marie France.


Marie France understands the weight-loss challenges that a lot of women face and the risks that come with surgical procedures. This is why Marie France only offers non-invasive treatments that are not just proven effective, but also safe and risk-free. Watch Bing as she shares with us her Marie France experience:

In fact, Bing went live on the Marie France Facebook Page so that her weight-loss success story reaches more people. She was able to interact with followers and fans through a Q&A session:

What impressed me the most is that they did not make me starve and I never left hungry. With the guidance of their nutritionists, they gave me the right food to eat. They really made sure that I took everything positively and healthily. And I think that’s the best thing they gave me: the knowledge of how to live a healthy life.


Bing has had her share of challenges when it comes to her weight. As a celebrity, the pressure of always looking good and being in great shape is ever present. This has driven her to undergo liposuction procedure done on her arms and legs in her late 30s, to cope with the expectations of the industry.

When you see yourself in the mirror at home after the procedure, yes you’re thin. But when I removed the bandages, I saw myself with cuts and bruises. That’s when I cried and felt like I betrayed myself. Sinaktan ko ang sarili ko.

Bing shares that her 2 daughters, Alyssa and Gabby, were with her as she recovered from the procedure, tending to her wounds. It was an emotional chapter for the entire family. Bing promised never to go under the knife again after the experience. Unfortunately, she eventually gained back the weight. And when she was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism — a condition in which the thyroid gland is not producing enough thyroid hormones — the challenge to manage her weight became even more taxing. Her condition slowed down her metabolism and led to weight gain.

She put on a lot of weight in just 3 months. This consequently cost her a role in a show. She shares, “I never thought my weight would be such a hindrance to my work. I tried to lose the weight on my own, but unfortunately, they weren’t satisfied. They told me that they believe I can look better. So they asked me to step out of the show. That was a really big blow. I went from leading roles, to sister roles, to mother roles, which I don’t mind because it comes with age … to no roles at all because I was too big to be onscreen.”


Bing didn’t take the rejection sitting down. She decided to take control and started to look for a safer, healthier, and proven-to-last weight-loss program. Surgery, pills, or anything that she felt was risky were no longer among her options.She says, “I’m happy that I was able to find Marie France who welcomed me whole-heartedly and was willing to help me get back in shape. With Marie France, it really felt like a new beginning. One, the slimming treatments are non-invasive. Two, I have a team behind me which consists of a doctor, nutritionist, slimming consultant, and highly-trained therapists, who were there to support and guide me through the whole process.”

Bing Loyzaga - Marie France's Thermo Magnetic Pulse - Weight Loss Treatment

Marie France’s FMS Elite is one of Bing Loyzaga’s go-to treatments. It’s the updated and improved version of the highly successful Fat Mobilization System that now has no more cold wraps and no more shivering. It helps convert bad white fat to brown fat, a process that is now being hailed by obesity experts all over the world, and which Marie France has been successfully utilizing for weight-loss for over 30 years.

However, the Thermo Magnetic Pulse (TMP) remains to be Bing’s favorite treatment. It’s Marie France’s latest offering that uses 4D technology, a powerful combination of multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed magnetic fields, which delivers 4 benefits in just 1 application — fat reduction, body contouring, skin tightening, and cellulite smoothening. Bing affirms, “Of course I enjoy it because you really feel tight. You feel na nawawala yung flabs so you’re more confident!”

Like Bing, you too can have a slimmer and healthier body. Start your own slimming journey today!
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