Quick Guide to Getting your BBFL

Marie France believes in a holistic way of achieving your best bod for life. so we want to guide you every step of the way.

Step 1:

Book A Free Consultation

Interested potential clients won’t have a hard time connecting with Marie France. Inquire and book a consultation with Marie France via the Hotline, SMS/Viber Number, Mobile and Website Booking Page, and the Call and Chat Button in the site. It is preferable to book a consultation to assure the availability of a slimming consultant on-board, but walk-in consultations are also welcome.

Step 2:

Get an Initial Body Analysis

Once a potential client has been given a consultation schedule at a preferred Marie France branch, she will meet with one of Marie France's Slimming Consultants for a body and health check. The client will be asked for her basic information, and her body concerns, her current lifestyle, her eating habits, any existing health conditions or issues. Then the consultant will conduct the Tanita Body Fat Analysis to determine the client’s current height, weight and body composition. The information gathered by the slimming consultant will then be used to recommend an appropriate slimming program for the client.

Step 3:

Sign Up For Recommended Program

If the recommended program is favorable to the client, she can now sign up for the treatments specifically tailored to address her concerns at an agreeable schedule.

Step 4:

Attend Sessions And Sustain Habits Advised

During the sessions, Marie France’s doctors will step in regularly to check on the condition of the client. And if needed, adjustments to the client’s program can be made depending on the client’s progress. Also guiding the client during her program is one of Marie France's nutritionists, advising her on healthy eating habits to support her program.

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