Meet Your Support Team

Marie France is the leading network of slimming centres across Asia.

Team Marie France is made up of experts in slimming and body shaping who are committed to prescribe and provide the best program, composed of appropriate treatments and lifestyle adjustments, for each individual in search for their Best Bod For Life.

Slimming Consultants

Each client has different needs to achieve and keep their BBFL, and each program is different from the other. Marie France Slimming Consultants will provide the guidance for each individual to stick to their program, and make sure that they are on the right track to keeping their Best Bod For Life.


Scientifically-advanced treatments, however effective, need to be prescribed with proper care. Marie France has a pool of resident medical doctors who specialize in weight-loss and body shaping to recommend the best treatment/s to include in each client’s program. But before proceeding, their first order of business with every individual is to check for any underlying medical conditions that may prove to be a significant factor in one’s BBFL program; combined with one’s age, current shape and lifestyle.

The doctors are also in charge of regularly monitoring the client’s progress and recommending adjustments to one’s program when necessary.


No treatment is effective if it is not maintained properly. Each BBFL program includes one-on-one consultations with Marie France’s pool of qualified nutritionists. With them, clients learn habits that will complement their BBFL program. Each individual is encouraged by nutritionists to eat in proper intervals, instead of the common misconception with regards to diet trends, food deprivation and even starvation.

Clients are encouraged to eat a healthy amount of food without driving themselves to hunger while undergoing their programs.

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