Welcome to Marie France Philippines, the country’s leader in weight loss and body shaping. Marie France’s world-class treatments are safe and effective, delivering fast results.

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Health and Nutrition Counseling


When you sign up at Marie France, you’re not just signing up to lose weight, but also to stay slim and not put the weight back on, as often happens with fad/crash diets. We give you expert nutritional counselling and the best after weight-loss advice. We want you to achieve the body you want, and to keep it, through healthier, smarter food choices. That’s why we have a team of qualified, experienced nutritionists who will give you free one-on-one sessions to help you become nutritionally complete.

Professionally created and directed by medical doctors, Marie France’s non-invasive weight loss services are among the world’s most advanced. They are fast—compared to on-again, off-again diets and hard-to-keep-up exercise regimens. They are easy—requiring the client to simply lie down and relax while treatment is administered. Plus, Marie France’s pool of slimming counselors are on hand to give professional advice that will guide the client towards her slimming goal. Marie France constantly offers new and innovative treatments, so please visit this site often or call the hotline at 894-2639 (BODY) for information and updates.

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