Shaping Programs

SlenderArm TriPollar

The highly advanced third generation of radio frequency technology that helps you achieve trim, toned, and sexy arms

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Vara Pulse Fat Reducer (VP)

The reducing and reshaping treatment that breaks down trapped fat within the limbs  

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Endermologie+ (EDM+)

The advanced LipoMassage™ slimming technology that permanently eliminates resistant fat and smoothens out cellulite

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UltraShape VDF

Employs high ultrasound wave technology to break down unwanted fat.

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TriPollar Tummy

Combines fat-burning and collagen production to tighten and firm up the skin, leaving the tummy flatter and more toned.

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A first from Marie France – the safe and painless inch-loss and body shaping treatment through the use of low-level laser energy.

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The newest non-invasive body contouring treatment that eliminates fat cells naturally and removes stubborn fat like love handles and back bulges.

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FMS (Fat Mobilization System) Elite

Now with the new FMS Elite, there are no more cold wraps and no more shivering, making the treatment more comfortable and more efficient.

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Physique Inch – Loss (PSQ)

The effect of 225 sit-ups in 15 minutes – the treatment that builds, tones, strengthens muscles, and firms up sagging areas of the skin.

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