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Bottom line is you have to help yourself. Hindi yun instant.

Rowena Santiago, a mother of three, is an exact persona of the modern age woman juggling between career, parenthood, running a household, and the business world.

Rowena has always been conscious about her size, which is why she resolved to take pills in her younger years, and even considered going under the knife. Yet it was not pursued in fear of the risks outweighing the benefits. Now, her fast-paced lifestyle made it even more difficult to maintain her weight.

“Before, noong nasa heavy side ako, ‘yung confidence ko, yung attitude ko iba.”

She then became concerned about the health risks that came with her body type. Worried for the sake of her family, she decided to take action immediately and go to Marie France.

A client for a decade now, she swears by the changes and the impact of being under the Marie France program. Even as a busy mom, she keeps tabs on her weight at a manageable schedule that allows her to work and be fit at the same time. Aside from the goals in her mind, she has a few tips for those who would like to take the same journey.

“You also need to help yourself. Approach mo siya with dedication and the right attitude.”


As of this writing, Rowena is undergoing TriPollar for the arms, FMS Elite, Endermologie + and Physique. . She has lost 73 lbs. since she started her program with Marie France.  Check back here or follow us on FB at https://www.facebook.com/mariefranceph to find out more about her Marie France journey.