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“T.G.I.S. Thank God I’m 10 lbs. Slimmer.”

Popularly known as the bubbly, sweet and charismatic Peachy from the 90’s teen-oriented show,T.G.I.S., Angelu De Leon-Rivera became one of the most sought-after stars of her generation. But who would have thought that a petite Angelu had body insecurities that led her to resort to an invasive slimming method?

At a young age of 22, after giving birth to her second child, she underwent liposuction, which she thought was an easy way out to shed off fat.

“Ang una ko rito sa arms…I remember, ‘yung tahi ko bumuka. I really got conscious of that because nagkaroon ako ng malaking keloid,” recalled Angelu.

The effects of lipo eventually took a toll on her body. She noticed that the fat she lost just transferred to the wrong places, resulting to a ‘turtle back.’

“Yes it gave me good results fast. But later on, noong tumataba na ‘ko, it all went to my shoulders and back, even my nape. So how do you ‘gym’ that away? You can’t!”

After giving birth to her third child, Rafa, Angelu, now 38, admitted that she became too complacent about taking care of her body. Adding to her sedentary lifestyle, the hormonal effects of the steroids she was taking for Bell’s Palsy made her even bigger – from a petite 2 to a chubby 12.

“I did everything – slimming pills, fad diets, name it. Then one day, my husband woke up and asked me, ‘What happened to you?’ I was so bloated, I couldn’t even imagine myself…I think that was my turning point,” said Angelu.

Tired of solutions that did not work for her, Angelu knew she needed help. That’s why she found a blessing when Marie France came along. Together with healthier eating habits and a more active lifestyles, she has already noticed improvements in her body in just a few months.

“It’s more on the size rather than the weight…slowly, not drastically, which is good. Even if it’s just losing a point of something in the measurement, it has a big impact on you,” said Angelu, who has gone from a chubby XL to a sexy Medium.

With a healthier, slimmer body, Angelu has never felt better about herself. No more cramps, heart burns, or shortness of breath.

“I always say, you’ll never know how big you are until you’ve seen yourself smaller…It’s not about feeling thin. It’s feeling lighter, healthier. It’s feeling that you can have extra 20 minutes of running around with your son, extra 10 minutes of talking without getting tired, it’s seeing the stairs and not worrying about it…it‘s a more stress-free and worry-free life,” she said.

For Angelu, her Marie France journey has brought back her hope and confidence to look and feel good while being the best example for her children and other women.

“Make the decision to change now. Your body is your responsibility. Marie France doesn’t just fix the outside. At the end of the day, you’re the one victorious. And we all need a partner that will always encourage us to be the best that we can be.”


Angelu’s Marie France treatments include FMS Elite, Endermologie+, Physique Inch-Loss, VelaContour and Thermo Magnetic Pulse. Like her, start working your way towards your body goal with Marie France.


FMS Elite helped me a lot in losing weight. It’s like being in the gym for two hours but in reality, I’m just lying down, watching my favorite series for 30 minutes. It’s perfect!”


TMP is a total body workout with tightening while you’re just lying down. And I love that I get to relax during the treatment.”