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From a size 8 to a petite size 4! The results just blew me away.

We first saw former child star Chantal Umali as the love-struck girl who chose hotdogs over a boy in a popular TV commercial. Chantal, who was then overweight, received a lot of body-shaming criticisms, making her feel self-conscious.

Once, as she was filming for a popular 90s teen-oriented show, Chantal encountered a stranger who made rude comments about her body. “A stranger came up to me and in front of everybody, said, ‘Paano ka nagkakasya sa lente ng camera, eh ang laki-laki mo?’ …And that memory is implanted in my head forever,” she said.

In high school, while still doing TV shows, Chantal experienced firsthand the cruelty of the showbiz industry. “I was told, ’Ay di ka nila kukunin kasi mataba ka’…there was so much pressure to be at a certain size. And I couldn’t get to that size. Parang mental torture. So sabi ko ‘wag na lang, ayoko na,” said Chantal. She stepped away from the limelight of showbiz and forged a new path for herself where she wasn’t under the constant scrutiny of an unforgiving audience.

Years went by and as Chantal entered a new chapter in her life as a mother, she also welcomed new challenges. In 2011, she suffered from post-partum depression. With basically no career and weighing 186 lbs., Chantal was “severely overweight” and her depression took a toll on her body.

“I was starting to feel cramps in my body kasi nga my ankles can’t carry that much weight. I’m only 5 feet tall… I felt so bad about myself,” said Chantal. “It was really dragging my body down. I didn’t feel good about this, I felt sick, I felt heavy, and then that’s when I started practicing yoga.”

Chantal persistently practiced yoga through online tutorials. Together with mindful eating, yoga helped her gradually lose 47 lbs. Motivated by her weight loss, Chantal engaged in a more active lifestyle. Her hard work paid off, yet she had to deal with its after effects – sagging skin under the arms, a wrinkly tummy, and heavy thighs.

As a mom, Chantal did not want to risk undergoing invasive methods, especially because the downtime would disrupt her routine and lifestyle. That’s why choosing Marie France was an easy decision for her.

“I was starting a new life as a single person with my daughter… Marie France came to my life at the right time,” Chantal shared. “I started at 122 lbs., I’m 108 now!”

One of her go-to treatments is FMS Elite, the advanced version of the highly successful Fat Mobilization System, which reduces weight through the process of thermogenesis. It naturally stimulates the body to produce heat energy, burning up to 2,000 calories.

For slimmer and more defined legs and arms, she does Vara Pulse, which reshapes the body by breaking down trapped fat within the limbs, and Thermo Magnetic Pulse (TMP), the 4-in-1 breakthrough treatment for fat reduction, body contouring, skin tightening, and cellulite smoothening.

Other favorites include TriPollar for trimmed and toned arms and Endermologie+, which eliminates resistant fat in specific areas of the body.

“All the right parts got smaller. Specifically my thighs and legs, which never responded to all of my yoga practice… First time na nawala ‘yung bilbil ko sa knee!” said Chantal.

Busting the myth that you have to starve yourself to get in shape, at Marie France, Chantal never felt deprived of the food she loves. With the guidance from Marie France nutritionists, she learned to eat the right food at the right time, developing the discipline to eat healthy.

Now Chantal is no longer the embarrassed chubby girl who endured rude criticisms but an admirable, confident yoga guru, who makes the most out of her life one day at a time. Confidence is such a big deal for her because to her, it does not only reflect boldness and courage on the outside but also fulfillment from the inside.