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All these years, Marie France has never failed me

Dawn Zulueta-Lagdameo has struck that elusive balance between family and career. She is wife to Davao del Norte Representative Antonio Lagdameo and mommy to Jacobo and Ayisha. She is an accomplished actress admired by both her audience and her peers. And to make things even more difficult for the rest of womanhood, her beauty is ageless.

Her lovely family life and her successful career are of course from commitment and hard work. But that ageless body? What’s the secret? It’s pretty obvious not just with her body, but also with the way she lights up when it’s mentioned. Dawn has been a Marie France devotee for over 10 years! “It’s no secret at all. Marie France is my best friend!” she says. “My friends laugh at me nga because to this day, I can’t stop talking about the slimming treatments there.”

Dawn took a break from showbiz to focus on her family. After she gave birth to Jacobo and Ayisha, the two bundles of joy brought with them some extra pounds on Dawn. She shares, “With Jacobo, I think I was 150 lbs. With Ayisha, my weight went up 168 lbs. It all went to my belly, buttocks and thighs! And of course, I had sagging skin too.”

“My body definitely changed after giving birth to Jacobo via caesarian operation. My doctor told me that it’s going to take 7 more months before I could start any strenuous activity. I’m glad I tried the Marie France slimming system. Not only did I lose the pounds and inches, my pesky saddlebags and cellulite disappeared. Marie France was heaven-sent to me!”

Knowing she had found a slimming partner to support her, she was confident she could get back in shape again after her second pregnancy. “When I got pregnant with Ayisha, I told everyone to watch me get my figure back again via billboard. I was confident that I could do it all over again. And I did! In less than 3 months, I lost 20 lbs. of post-natal fat. For the second time, Marie France did not fail me.”

This is why she loves Marie France. With over 30 years as the leader in non-invasive slimming solutions, Dawn knew she was in the best hands. “It’s so holistic. It’s safe to do. It’s even relaxing, actually! What I absolutely love about them is not only have I lost all the excess pounds, my body has also been recontoured to have curves in the right places.”

Dawn adds, “It was important to me that it’s non-invasive. I don’t subscribe to invasive treatments. I see what these can do to some women—they really get back the body they had when they were still single. But what’s scary is, 20 years down the road, we don’t know what effect those things will have on the body. As a mother, why would I expose myself to these risks?”

For her, it’s not just about achieving the figure that she wanted, it’s about being the best version of herself for the people that she loves. “When I’m at my best, I can also give my best to others. Marie France has been such a huge support to me in that aspect. I know that it was because of them that I was able to go back to the best years of my body.”