You Know Her As A Chubby Child Star, Wait ‘Til You See Her Now!

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You Know Her As A Chubby Child Star, Wait ‘Til You See Her Now!   quote image

When the results started to show, I was just blown away…

Weighing 185 lbs. at 5 ft. tall, this was Chantal Umali at her heaviest. Her struggle with post-partum depression led to a persistent dissatisfaction with her body. Her chunky arms, heavy thighs, and bulging tummy became bitter reminders of her by-gone career as a rising child star. But as a mother, she knew that she had to be stronger than her insecurities and struggles. As a mother, she raised her daughter by example. She knew that in order to take control of her life, she would have to take control of her body. It was then that she took the dare to keep her #BBFL – Best Bod For Life.

Chantal turned to doing yoga at home to kickstart her weight-loss journey. Though it was effective, she found herself with sagging skin and a few extra pounds too stubborn to get rid of. Luckily, Marie France was there to guide her through her Best Bod For Life journey.

To burn off her excess fat, Chantal is undergoing the Fat Mobilization System (FMS) Elite. Among the other treatments that she’s currently receiving are the Vara Pulse (VP) Fat Reducer for slimmer arms and legs, and the Endermologie (EDM) + to keep her skin smooth and taut.

As she gets closer to her #BBFL , Chantal has nothing but praises for Marie France.

“…When the results started to show, I was just blown away by how effective the treatments were and how precise they were to treat my problem areas. And I was surprised that I didn’t lose any muscle mass, I really lost my unwanted fats.”

To date, Chantal has lost 14 lbs. and 3 inches off her waist. The former chubby child star is also now a yoga instructor. Though her amazing transformation has continuously been inspiring others, she knows that her Best Bod For Life journey is a lifelong commitment. What seemed like an impossible goal is now a reality for Chantal. And things are just about to get better.

“I’m so excited about continuing my journey with Marie France because I didn’t know it was possible for me to go this far in achieving my goals for my body. I also feel healthier, lighter, and younger than ever.”