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A Marie France body is the body you have... in its best version!

For Mikkie Bradshaw-Volante, theater is not just a profession, it is her life – the dream she built at a very young age. But as most dreamers do, Mikkie went through a grueling experience in pursuit of her desire to become a stage actress.

At a vulnerable age of 12, the naturally curvy Mikkie desired to have a Barbie-slim body. In her obsession to lose weight, she suffered from an eating disorder.

“I’d starve myself for days or sometimes weeks at a time. And the cycle would repeat again and again until I was about 19 or 20 years old,” said Mikkie.

Her frequent purging took a toll on her health physically and mentally. She developed acid reflux from all the vomiting, which later on damaged her vocal cords.

“Eventually, I realized that by doing what I was doing, I was robbing myself of the future that I wanted. I decided that it was going too far and it was time to stop,” said Mikkie.

Then when she got married, she focused on being a wife to her husband, Nyoy, and a mom to her daughter, Sophie. Like many women, she lost sight of herself in the process, resulting to a “more drastic weight gain.”

Now with a professional career in theater, Mikkie found herself limited with options in terms of characters she could portray because of her size. She was so depressed, she shut herself out from the world. She refused to leave the house, to go to events with her husband, and to see anyone, even her relatives.

Desperate to find a solution, Mikkie almost resorted to liposuction. But when she found out that there’s an easier, non-invasive, risk-free and painless way to help her achieve her body goal without the downtime, it was a no-brainer for her to say yes to Marie France.

“I was supposed to do (lipo) na! And then Marie France came along and I was like, it’s the universe! It’s a sign!” Mikkie happily shared. Determined to turn her life around the healthy way, Mikkie decided to undergo Marie France’s proven effective weight loss program.

A must-have treatment is the FMS Elite (Fat Mobilization System), which reduces weight by stimulating the body to produce heat energy. This process called thermogenesis helps burn up to 2,000 calories.

“That’s my favorite in terms of results. Just by looking into the science of it, it really makes sense to me,” said Mikkie, who has already lost 6 inches off her waist, as of writing.

She also loves TriPollar, which helps trim and tone the arms, and Endermologie+, which targets resistant fat in specific problem areas. As a final touch, Mikkie also does the Plasti-Dermi Treatment (PDT), which diminishes stubborn fat and re-sculpts the body.

No longer desiring to resort to unhealthy methods like purging, Mikkie learned to have a better relationship with food. Marie France’s nutritionists taught her the discipline to eat healthy without leaving her feeling deprived or hungry.

And the results amazed her. “I’m very critical of myself. But even I have noticed… And literally, wherever I go now, if I see someone, the first thing (they say), ‘Oh my God, ang payat mo na!’” said Mikkie.

Once a depressed theater actress who wanted to hide from the world, Mikkie, with her healthier, slimmer and sexier body, is now fearless to wear anything from bikinis to shorts and to face any challenge, may it be in her profession or in her family life. And for her, it’s liberating.

“I love the freedom of walking out of the house and feeling good in the skin that you’re in,” said Mikkie, adding, “Feeling free to be myself is really the big impact that I’ve gotten in this journey.”