Susan Mendoza

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Achieving your body goal really motivates you, encourages you na I have to keep it. To maintain it.

“I’m a workout person. Like, I’ve been exercising since forever,” lawyer Susan Mendoza shares. It has always been her go-to solution to stay in shape. But after her third pregnancy, even with the continuous workouts, the weight refused to move.

“The weight stayed stuck there!” she says. Her biggest problem areas were the tummy, thighs, and hips. “It was difficult. When I go to a clothes store, I wouldn’t even try to fit the clothes because I already know nothing would fit me. And so I hardly bought clothes. It was always like, I like this style but when I fit it, it doesn’t look nice.”

Knowing that her workouts were no longer enough, and not wanting to do anything risky or invasive, she turned to Marie France. She’s glad that she did. With the proven effective weight loss programs, she finally shed the stubborn pounds. “When I started, I think I was like 180 lbs. I was really that big!” she says. “Now I’m down to around 125 lbs.”

Now she feels lighter and enjoys the extra energy. “I don’t get tired easily anymore,” she says.
Of course, she also loves the redefined shape her figure now has. “My body has slimmed down and it’s firmer. And my tummy, before there was a bulge here on the side na parang ang tagal na and nothing was happening to it! It was always there. Now it’s getting flat na! So when I wear clothes, oh! My tummy’s flat!”

She also appreciates the healthy eating habits that she learned through Marie France’s nutritionists. “They gave me meal plans that really made things easier for me. It was always a balanced meal, so I didn’t feel deprived. I like their menu!”